Часы HUBLOT Skull Bang в Запорожье

  • В наличии 11 шт. | Артикул: 2-WLANDEJ
  • Цена: от 534
  • Страна производитель: Канада
  • Год производства: 2016
  • Доставка: 1-14 дней
  • Скидка: 50%

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The Skull Bang is a rock'n'roll rebel!

With its playful and slightly tongue-in-cheek air, this impudent piece rebelliously thumbs its nose at anyone who takes themselves too seriously. This surprising watch from Hublot is the perfect fusion of a rebel spirit with a deft and daring sense of elegance, never losing sight of the "vanitas", the symbol of the transience of life which remind us how fragile and brief our time is, and that we must live each moment to the full This is the Skull Bang, a piece made entirely from black ceramic and featuring an attractive stylised skull on its dial.

Thank you Mr Picciotto! When he took over Hublot, I offered to open a dedicated store in Paris. He came to see the premises.


Rather than simply being the story of a brand and its products, Hublot and Chronopassion is above all a story with a strongly personal touch. When Carlo Crocco created the Hublot watch with a gold case and a rubber strap in , it was the first time in the history of watchmaking that a precious material, gold, had been used alongside rubber.

For the brand, rubber was anything but a fad — rather, it embodied its philosophy and became its hallmark. Having headed up Hublot for fifteen years, Carlo Crocco became increasingly busy with work for his MDM Foundation, so he set out to find the right person to take the helm of the watchmaking firm. That was when he met Jean-Claude Biver, who had just left Blancpain.

Biver put Hublot back on the road to recovery, becoming head of the company from May through to This was the beginning of the rebirth of Hublot. He drew plans, diagrams, rebuses and roadmaps for me.


When he stepped down from his position as CEO in , I realised that he had had his entire roadmap in mind right from the word go. Not only that, but that he had completed it — ahead of time.

The company had been subcontracting for Hublot since , dealing with complication watches, particularly tourbillons. At a time when BNB was struggling financially, Hublot offered to buy out the firm.

The Skull Bang is a rock'n'roll rebel!

Together, Laurent Picciotto and Jean-Claude Biver forged a partnership rather than a commercial relationship. The two men created a number of custom series and set about laying the foundations of what was to become Hublotista, the community of Hublot owners.

At the end of the day, they are still motivated by passion — and guided above all by instinct. Notice of laurent Discover the watch on video. Black leather strap stitched onto black rubber Black PVD steel deployant buckle.

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